August 18th, 2012 – Runnersworldloop Apeldoorn (5km)

Running in 34 degrees is crazy. And crazy we are… The Runnersworldloop in Apeldoorn is a race organised by my club AV Veluwe, and a few weeks ago I found some “non-running” colleagues ready to join me in this race. But as the race came closer, the weather expectations became worse and worse.
This weekend we can reach an all-time high temperature in Holland.
Well, I couldn’t cancel this race. My colleagues were running, and I didn’t run a match in more then 2 months. At the moment I’m in full preparation for the Amsterdam marathon. And it was only 5km, a distance I never ran before.
The start was at 6pm, the hottest moment of the day. Weeks before the race I was aiming at a time under 19 minutes.

Runnersworldloop 2012 - Gertjan Lahuis


But was that reasonable and possible in these conditions? I’m not that experienced yet…
I started pretty fast, maye be a little bit too fast, but the first 500 meters I felt good. After 1 kilometer I saw my speed dropping a bit. No problem, I was still ahead of the 19 minute-schedule. But the next 2 kilometers my pace was still dropping and I felt waisted. After 3 kilometers I was exactly running at the 19-minute pace. But I was so tired, I knew I wasn’t going to make it.
At that moment stopping the race crossed my mind for a while, but I lowered my pace a bit, and I managed to work myself through the last 2 kilometers. Suprisingly, I didn’t loose as much time as I thought. I ended up 7th (out of 80) in 19:22. Now, a few hours after the race, I feel satisfied with this time. Surely, with better conditions, the under-19 time will come. And I didn’t even prepare for this short distance.
Next week a little-bit-more-then-a-training race in Croatia. Again, the conditions will be hard, (12 kilometers of climbing in, again, very hot weather), but time or place in this match will not be important.

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1 Response to August 18th, 2012 – Runnersworldloop Apeldoorn (5km)

  1. Iwan. says:

    Surely, with better conditions and a stable tempo from start to finish, your “under-19 time” will come G.J. !!
    And I know, just like you know, that extra-training isn’t needed for you to reach that goal ..

    I like to puzzle with your times .. Your Amsterdam-time will be 03:10:00 sharp !!
    Successes and much pleasure in Croatia and I hear from you.

    Gr. Iwan.

    ( At the moment the outside-temp. is much lower than August 18th and its raining cats and dogs just like my 50 K in Assen .. ).

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