August 25th, 2012 – Hvar half marathon (Croatia)

Hvar halfmarathon finish Gertjan Lahuis


That wasn’t funny! A good excuse would be that we don’t have any mountains in Holland, but this is ridiculous. I totally underestimated the mountain-climbing. Or is it was the 30+ dregrees. I don’t know.

The Hvar half marathon goes up the mountain for the first 12 kilometers with the descent in the 2nd half. From Stari Grad to Hvar Town. I planned this as a traningsrace on my holiday, but to be honest I already knew I would be too fanatic to hold myself. It’s a race!

Hvar half marathon

Hvar halfmarathon

I started at around 10/15th place, 118 people competed in this Croatian race. The first part of the climb was okay but then I met the man with the hammer (never mind). I don’t know if it was the heat or the climb, probably the combination. I couldn’t do it. Speed was very slow, but I kept my position for the first 5 or 6 kilometers. Now I will tell you something which you can not tell anyone else, ever! Top-secret. At around 8 kilometers I had to go from running to (speed) walking, right after an old man catched me. It was too much. I never thought this would happen to me. It was only for about 30 seconds, and only 1 competitor catched me during this time, as running speed was not really a lot faster then speed-walking. Anyway, somehow I reached the highest point of the race. Around 6 people in total catched me uphill, not too bad.

And then there was magic. As soon as the climb changed into the descent it seemed as I hadn’t done anything. It looked like I wasn’t tired at all. Were it just the legs uphill? They felt okay, even during the climb.



May be there is a good kept secret in mountain climbing, I don’t know, but on top of the mountain it was hunting-time for me. Of course, the other racers also speeded down-hill, but I went like Usain Bolt on a good day. Man by man I chased them and won some positions. I even wished the race would be a few kilometers longer, cause all of a sudden I felt like superman 🙂

Anyway, in kilometers between 3:30 and 3:50 minutes I reached the end-zone in Hvar Town. Actually a lot of spectators in the town gave it a good ambiance. The finish was there. 11th place in 1.39.20. Not a good time for a half marathon, but holding in mind the mountain and the weather conditions, I guess it’s okay. No meaning in ths time, the place was good.

1st drinking post Gertjan Lahuis

1st drinking post

The costs of the race was only 15 euro, and (Dutch marathons: pay attention), it not only included the starting fee, a goody bag including race t-shirt, bus transportation to the starting place, a finishing medal, but also a dinner afterwards, with unlimited food&drinks. How about that. Perfect organisation again. To my surprise I finished 1st of my age group, but for the 2nd time this year, they put me in the 40-45 age goup. I’m not 40 yet!!

Anyway, I didn’t refuse another medal, a bottle of wine and biggest price of all, 2 kisses from the beauiful girl from the organisation.

1st price in age group

1st price in age group

It was hell, the first 12 kilometers, but overall I can recommend this race. Perfect setting for a good race in summer in beautiful Hvar. During the race you had beautiful sights of the Adriatic sea, no complaints about that!

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  1. Iwan. says:

    Nice pics but where was your Veluwe-tenue G.J. ??
    I nearly recognised you in your black-white-grey-uniform !!

    That nice blue shirt with the white fast running deer will suit you ..

    Bye bye,

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