May 18th, 2012 – Putten Power Run (10km)

Putten Power Run - After 7 kilometer - Gertjan Lahuis

Putten Power Run - After 7 kilometer

Just 2 weeks before the Spitsbergen Marathon I wanted to test myself on a 10km. I found a race in Putten, The “Putten Power Run”.
I got a bad cold in the beginning of the week, which made me skip all the training since monday. I was in real doubt to start in Putten and made the decision to go there just hours before the start. In this condition I thought I would be happy with a time under 42 minutes (My pr being 40:04). And, as the course was a 2-lapper, I could always decide to stop after the first 5km. How wrong I was!
Apparently the lack of training in the last few days did me good.
The race started at the unconvenient time of 17:00, so I left work early to arrive half an hour before the start. The warming-up felt good. The first positive sign.
After the major’s gunshot, we could all start.
The first kilometer was, as usual, pretty fast to avoid the crowd. Never been under the magical border of 40 minutes (4 minutes per kilometer), the 3:50 seemed all right. Time to slow down a little bit and search for a speed which I could follow for the next 9 kilometers. How surprised I was, seeing the next kilometer was again just under 4 minutes. Was I going too fast? The next 3 kilometers showed the same picture. Kilometers just under 4 minutes. So, after 5 kilometers and passing the start/finish line half way, I got the feeling that a new personal best was in reach.
Putten Power Run - Gertjan Lahuis

Putten Power Run - Kilometer 8

The next 2 kilometers were exactly in 4 minutes each without forcing anything, and with 3km to go I knew I was going to make it. I was walking all alone, the first 4 runners were just too far away for me to run for the prices or get on stage. But realizing that I would run under 40 minutes gave me the strength to run the last kilometers again a few seconds under 4 minutes a kilometer. The finish was there, a 5th place in 39:32! Yahoo!
After almost a year of hard training, my stamina is still improving. My first 10km under 40 minutes and I have the feeling that I even can go faster with specific training for the 10km. Future will show…

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